18.04.2023 05:24

With the latest update to the website pamiri.online, several new features have been added. Firstly, a news section has been introduced, where you are currently reading this news. Secondly, personal pages of project participants with descriptions of their activities are now available (for example, see Yury Makarov's page). Thirdly, it is now possible to add blog pages, and gradually more pages dedicated to Pamir languages and their peculiarities will appear. Previously added pages, including the "About" page, will also be updated. Regarding the development of the vocabulary database, a dictionary from the book "Shughni Texts and Dictionary" by I.I. Zarubin (Moscow, Leningrad: Publishing House of the USSR Academy of Sciences, 1960) has been added to the website. Thus, the Shughni language is now represented by two sources (including D. Karamshoev's dictionary). Add ... More