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Daria Chistiakova


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Postgraduate student at the School of Linguistics at HSE University; head of the student project on Shughni vocabulary.

Areas of interest: morphology, syntax, linguistic typology, lexical typology, Iranian languages, Pamir languages.


Daria has been on a few field trips to Khorugh, Tajikistan.

Academic pathway

B.A. in Fundamental and Applied Linguistics at HSE University, Moscow (diploma with distinction)
Thesis: The Enclitic System in Shughni (In Rus.)
M.A. in Linguistic Theory and Language Description at HSE University, Moscow
Thesis: Non-canonical (in)transitivity in Shughni (In Eng.)
Since 2023
PhD in Language Theory at HSE University, Moscow


  • 2023
    Bivalent Patterns in Shughni
    Daria Chistiakova & Daria Ryzhova
    In: Say, Sergey (ed.). BivalTyp: Typological database of bivalent verbs and their encoding frames, St. Petersburg: Institute for Linguistic Studies, RAS.
  • 2022
    Syntactic and Semantic Features of the Clitic =i in Shughni
    D. G. Chistiakova
    RSUH/RGGU Bulletin: “Literary Theory. Linguistics. Cultural Studies”, Series. (5):65–91. (In Rus.)
  • 2022
    Differential Object Marking in Shughni
    D. Chistiakova
    Typology of Morphosyntactic Parameters. Vol. 5, iss. 2. Pp. 84–100. (In Rus.)