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Daria Chistiakova


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Head of the student project on Shughni vocabulary at HSE University.

Areas of interest: morphology, syntax, linguistic typology, lexical typology, Iranian languages, Pamir languages.


Daria has been on six field trips to Khorugh, Tajikistan.

Academic pathway

B.A. in Fundamental and Applied Linguistics at HSE University, Moscow (diploma with distinction)
Thesis: The Enclitic System in Shughni (In Rus.)
M.A. in Linguistic Theory and Language Description at HSE University, Moscow
Thesis: Non-canonical (in)transitivity in Shughni (In Eng.)


  • 2023
    Bivalent Patterns in Shughni
    Daria Chistiakova & Daria Ryzhova
    In: Say, Sergey (ed.). BivalTyp: Typological database of bivalent verbs and their encoding frames, St. Petersburg: Institute for Linguistic Studies, RAS. (Data first published on January 1, 2023; last revised on February 4, 2023.)
  • 2022
    Syntactic and Semantic Features of the Clitic =i in Shughni
    D. G. Chistiakova
    RSUH/RGGU Bulletin: “Literary Theory. Linguistics. Cultural Studies”, Series. (5):65–91. (In Rus.)
  • 2022
    Differential Object Marking in Shughni
    D. Chistiakova
    Typology of Morphosyntactic Parameters. Vol. 5, iss. 2. Pp. 84–100. (In Rus.)