Tenth International Conference on Iranian Linguistics (ICIL 10)

внешние мероприятия
From the conference homepage

We are pleased to invite you to the Tenth International Conference on Iranian Linguistics.

The ICIL conferences aim to bring together linguists and philologists of different theoretical backgrounds working on Iranian languages. There are thus only plenary sessions during the conferences in order to allow participants to attend all presentations. For this reason, some 35 abstracts plus ca. 10 posters will be selected out of all submissions received (usually far more than a hundred).

The ICIL organisers of previous conferences have also published peer-reviewed collections of articles emerging from the conferences, which underline the approach of integrating the various disciplines.

Call for Papers

We expressly solicit contributions from the full range of Iranian linguistics, including formal theoretical perspectives, computational linguistics, neurolinguistics, typological and functional perspectives, as well as diachronic and areal perspectives.