[Work in Progress] Alexander Sergienko: Selected puzzles in Shughni negation

Когда: (московское время, UTC+3) // иранистический семинар

This talk explores several negation-related puzzles in Shughni. First, I describe the clitic =aθ, arguing for it as an instance of negative concord rather than a negative polarity item (Watanabe 2004). The next question is the interaction of negation and modality. The type of modal and the scope of negation are shown to give rise to different syntactic structures. Finally, following (Rajabbekov 2015), I explore the infinitival negator no-, demonstrating data on its occurrence with infinitives and participles.

Rajabbekov, Mahbub (2015). Semantic and Syntactic Analysis of Infinitive and Invinitival Constructions in Shughni [Semantichesko-sintaksicheskij analiz infinitiva i infinitivnykh konstruktsij v shugnanskom jazyke]. PhD Thesis, State University of Khorog.

Watanabe, Akira (2004). The Genesis of Negative Concord: Syntax and Morphology of Negative Doubling. Linguistic Inquiry Vol. 35, No. 4 (Autumn, 2004), pp. 559-612.

Alexander Sergienko is a PhD student at Université Paris Cité.   
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