Adriano Valerio Rossi: Do Iranian stagnant waters ooze, leak or exude?

Когда: (московское время, UTC+3) // иранистический семинар

Professor Jafari-Dehaghi (in his article “Čahār Zahagān in Middle Persian Literature”, published in the Italian periodical Vicino Oriente 18 (2014), pp. 1–5) has mentioned in passing some Prs. verbal bases such as zahīdan 'to fall, flow, drip', zēhīdan id., žūhīdan (= zih zadan) ‘to drip’, taken from classical dictionaries, without discussing the subject in further detail. A review of this lexical family is presented, with the idea to complement what Professor Jafari-Dehaghi wrote eight years ago on these rare Prs. verbs.